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August 20, 2004



Go with you gut instinct! It does not look 'girly' in any way shape or form! And I would be pleased to get either from a friend!!


I'd go with the bunting. It's more generic and useful IMHO. You could always knit the poncho too and save it for another baby.


I say go with the poncho. I don't see it as being girly at all, although it does have a Mexican flare to it so if you think your friend wouldn't like that....I think it's kind of stylish for a boy. Happy knitting!


I like the bunting better for a boy, but if you want to do the poncho at least leave off the edging (picot?) that makes it look really girly.


As the mother of an almost six month old boy, I can definitely say that I would put that poncho on him. I don't think it looks too girly -- the thing with infants is that things need to be comfortable and easy-on, easy-off. I was never a big fan of closed buntings because it's harder to do diaper changes and nearly impossible to put the kid in a carriage or car seat. I only used the closed bottom items for sleeping (when they are invaluable), but the hood is not a good thing for sleeping. I might do the poncho trim in the blue color and maybe make it a little plainer, but I'd definitely go with the poncho. Hmmm. . . I might even consider making this for DS. . . where did you find this pattern?


Poncho! Most definitely!

Knit what you love and you'll love what you knit.


I love the poncho, it's adorable for either sex. Go with your gut instinct!


I think Clint Eastwood wore a poncho in a movie once... He's a boy. ; )


I saw bunting, but you do what you want, cause it's you doing the knitting.


Poncho. I like the idea of it being usable in a stroller or a car seat - very important. How's the exercise plan going?


Clint Eastwood did wear a poncho, and Mel Gibson I think wore a skirt, but my "good ole boy" son inlaw would NEVER at ANY age let me put a poncho or a skirt on my grandson. But we are from the south :).


Poncho, hands down. It's so cute I can hardly stand it! Where did you find it? Or more accurately, where can **I** find it?? :)



I love the poncho pattern. Could I ask where you found it?


could you please let me know where you got that cute baby poncho pattern!!! hopefully I can order one. I need a fast baby present. Thanks.


My friend is having twins! and i would love to make a bunting for each of them. Where can i find the pattern?


My friend is having twins! and i would love to make a bunting for each of them. Where can i find the pattern?

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