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April 20, 2005



I cannot wait to see this blocked! I just love the soft green color.


Wow! That is really lovely.


Thanks for the compliment! Your color is just lovely. So soft and soothing.


So soft and beautiful! I love it!


Claudia at http://www.claudiasblog.net/ just finished. They are beautiful and tempting!

i Neat & Pearl

so cute and beautiufl! i wished i could make one like that someday! =)

Laura Y

oh wow! Love your Birch and color. Makes me wanna run out and get more KSH :) It is kinda obsessive isn't it? I'm only managing 2 to 4 rows each night but it's really satisfying watching it grow albeit slowly.

Laura Y

Opps sorry, thought u might like to know..:) http://www.claudiasblog.net/ has a finished Birch in the color of my KSH.

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