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April 12, 2006



Too cute! That was sweet of your sister to have thier pictures taken in them. It's comforting to see the "evidence" that the kids like them. :D


Great work! Your nieces are adorable.


Darling, just darling!


Great looking sweaters and darling little ones, too!!

Sarah HB

Looks great!

Cute girls in cute sweaters.

wendy g

Your nieces look so cute in their sweaters!


That will be a forever treasured picture! They will always remember what their aunt made for them,


So cute! Both the girls and the sweaters!


Awww, those are the cutest knitting models I've ever seen! If designers started using them as models we would all go broke rushing to knit whatever they wore.


Oh, those are too cute! I'm so glad that your SIL had those photos taken. I still have the yarn for the larger Potter sweater, but I agree with you on the boredome of knitting so much stockinette with the sport weight yarn, so I've put off knitting it for a while.


Success! They look fabulous in their sweaters.


Great job! Love the colors. They look adorable in them!


the girls in their sweaters are so adorable!!!


They look so cute! You did a great job on the sweaters, and it was so nice for their parents to dress them up in the sweaters for the formal portrait.

Heather O

The sweaters are so nice and the girls are adorable!!


They're wonderful! The girls looks fabulous.


Your nieces look gorgeous. I love the jumpers. How beautiful.


The girls look adorable. What a nice SIL to take photos with them wearing your sweaters. What a nice aunt you are to put so much love into knitting a matching pair. I'm so glad they fit and are being loved. That's the best compliment any knitter could get.

Kesha Peoples

You did a wonderful job and your nieces are gorgeous. I have been looking for the Rowan pattern of this sweater, would you be willig to share the pattern with me...I have a niece and nephew who would love a Harry Potter sweater. If you would not mind sharing, I would truely appreciate it. Thanks!!

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